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Dec 28, 2012 Gigging Report

December 29, 2011

Had a good night on Galveston Bay last night for flounder gigging. I had return customer, Josh and a couple of his buds for the evening. Josh booked his first trip with me 2 weeks ago, and wanted to come back for more! The first hour was a little slow, with only 6 fish for our efforts. The fish were not stacked in the areas I have been finding...   Read more »

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December Flounder Gigging

December 27, 2011

The month of December has been great for flounder gigging on Galveston Bay. The water clarity has been great, and the flounder are Big! We have actually gigged flounder in as deep as 3 foot of water! That is how clear the water has been. If the weather stays mild, January gigging should continue to be good. I am still looking for that 28"...   Read more »

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Flounder Gigging

December 23, 2011

What is flounder gigging? Flounder are bottom hugging fish that spend most of their lifes laying in ambush of their prey. They typically are found in shallow areas at night, were they come to feed on small fish and shrimp. One of the most effective ways to get flounder is to use a powerful light at night to illuminate the bottom in shallow water so the flounder can be seen. Once the flounder is...   Read more »

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