Galveston Fishing Guides

November 26, 2012

Here at Fishing Galveston Tx, we offer many types of trips.  One of the favorite charter is the Galveston Guided Fishing Trips for Redfish.  From the Giant Bull Reds along the Galveston Jetties to the shallow water back lakes for the better eating slot redfish - our Galveston Fishing Guides know where to go for the RedfishRedfish are tremendous fighters once hooked.  They peel drag and can definitely bow up a fishing rod!  We generally like to release the larger Bull Redfish for they are the breed stock for the species, unless the customer want to keep it for their trophy.  The better eating redfish are those between the sizes of 20" to 26".  Our favorite recipe for these fish is Redfish on the Halfshell.  We fillet the fish off of the back bone, leaving the skin and scales on the fillet.  Once your grill is hot, lay the fillet 'scales down' on the grill.  Marinate to taste with butter, lemon, fresh garlic, salt and pepper.  Tough to beat a Redfish on the Half Shell!

Our Galveston Fishing Guides provide everything for these exciting trips.  We will use mainly live bait for the slot reds - live shrimp, live mullet, croakers or mudfish.  The bait of choice for the Giant Bull Reds is fresh dead shad.  Our top of the line rods, reels and tackle ensure a high success rate of landing these beautiful redfish. 

Rather it be a trip with your friends, a bachelor/bachelorette party, family trip, or getting young kids hooked up and catching Galveston Redfish our Galveston Fishing Guides will put you on a Redfish of a lifetime!  Check out our Galveston Guided Redfish Trips today, and book your Redfish Adventure Today!


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