Alligator Gar Fishing in Texas

Alligator Gar Fishing Trips – Experience the Thrill Epic Big Game Fishing

Alligator gar fish


Experience the adrenaline rush of landing a prehistoric fish in excess of 275 pounds. Alligator gar fishing pairs brute strength with skilled fishing to bring you an epic battle in the calm back waters of Galveston’s bayou and lakes. With decades of experience, our Galveston fishing guides bring you the expertise and top-of-the-line Big Game Tackle to catch these “Monster of the Marsh!” Bring along your appetite for adventure on this fierce encounter of man versus beast. Pack your camera as proof of your ensuing battle. Book your alligator gar fishing trip with Fishing Galveston Tx today.

What are Alligator Gar Fish

Alligator gar fish are characterized by their long, slender, cylindrical bodies, long, broad snouts (aka – spatula or spoon), rounded tail fin and diamond-shaped interlocking (ganoid) scales. They are generally brown or olive colored above and lighter underneath. Large, young adult gars have two rows of large teeth on either side of the upper jaw distinguishes them from other gars. They also have dorsal and anal fins that are placed back on the body and are nearly opposite one another. This makes them easily distinguishable from other freshwater species.


Facts About Alligator Gar Fish 

Little is known about the biology of this huge fish. Alligator gar fish are usually found in slow sluggish waters. Spawning seems to take place in running water usually in the spring around the beginning of May. Eggs are then deposited in shallow water. Young fish will consume insects while adults feast primarily on fish and sometimes waterfowl. Alligator gar fish also tolerate greater salinities than other gar species and as a result will feed heavily on marine catfish when they are available.

While many anglers consider alligator gar fish to be “rough fish.” To a few mavericks, alligator gar fishing fulfills their need for thrill and excitement. While alligator gar fish live on the Gulf of Mexico coastal plain from Econfina River, Florida to Veracruz, Mexico, they can also reach the lower Missouri and Ohio Rivers by way of the Mississippi River. These amazing gars have also been found in isolated populations in Nicaragua.

To those looking for a new challenge, alligator gar fishing in Texas will not disappoint. With gars weighing nearly 280 pounds caught by rod and reel anglers and gars exceeding 300 pounds caught by trot liners, alligator far fishing in Texas is an experience to behold. In the Southeastern parts of the state, gars are even accepted as fine food fish.

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