Bring a Kid Fishing

Time.  Though it has not changed – the sun comes up, the sun goes down – it sure seems like each day gets shorter and shorter.  I know it hasn’t.  The speed in which we live has changed.  The number of tasks we try to do in a given day has changed significantly.  Both parents working. Getting kids to and from school.  Helping with Homework.  Special Projects.  Soccer Practice.  Baseball Practice.  Gymnastic Practice.  Tumbling.  Football Practice. Softball Practice.  Weekend Sport Tournaments.  Birthday Parties……. oh I haven’t mentioned ‘Whats for supper?’  All of these activities we try to fit in a week…. maybe even a handful of them in one day.  Somewhere in the mix of all this hectic our generation has forgotten to teach the peace and serenity of the great outdoors, and all that it has to offer for our youth.

Yes, I played sports.  Football, Baseball and basketball.  I loved them.  Sports taught me teamwork, how to compete, and leadership.  They were and are a big part of my life.  But, my fondest memories with my Dad, Mom, Brother and Grandpa were spent fishing our hunting.  There was nothing that can compare to the early morning drive with Mom, Dad and my little brother to the baitcamp to buy a quart of live shrimp – then head to the boat ramp to launch the boat as the sun was beginning it’s rise.  The calm water, the smell of the 2 stroke outboard, the sound of the aerator keeping our bait alive and anticipating how many fish were going to put on ice.  Good times indeed.

I now have two children of my own.  Yesterday evening I asked them “Do ya’ll wanna go make a flounder gig run with me?”  Without hesitation the answer was “YES!”  We only stayed out for 2 hours.  The east wind kicked up as we were launching.  Had I known the east wind was going to start up, I would have went to another bay.  But, we were on the water.  Diving pelicans. The Sound of seagulls hollar.  The smell of the salty air.  A beautiful sunset on Galveston Bay with my kids.  Priceless.

Spend a day on the water with your kids.  Get away from the stresses, and the constant grind to keep up to the speed of today.  You will be glad you did.  Your Kids will be glad you did.

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