Cold Weather and Hot Flounder Gigging

Cold Weather, clear water, and star lit skies is a perfect combination for some Flounder Gigging on our Texas Coast.  We are really having a great season for flounder in Texas.  December and January are my favorite months for gigging flounder here in Galveston, Texas.  This week we have had some spectacular trips with quick limits.  The above pic is Jan and Cindy.  These girls put the smack down on some flounder last night.  They had their full limits in less than an hour.  Girls can Gig Too!!!!

After every frontal passage, the stiff north winds will push the water out of the bayous and marshes.  Along with the push of water is a push of flounder.  These flounder will stack up on the bay flats along drains, and this is the areas we target.  As the sun sets, turn on the air fan, fire up the lights, and grab a gig to begin our fun filled evening of hunting flounder!  I get excited every time I spot one at the edge of the lights!  Good times for adults, and kids alike.

Give us a call if you would like to book a trip with us!


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