Cold Weather & Hot Galveston Fishing

Galveston redfish

Here in Texas the old saying is, ‘If you dont like the weather…. Give it a minute – it will change!’  This held true this month.  The temps went from Summer to Winter in what seem like over night.  What did this do to our Galveston Fishing?  Oh, it has been Hot and customers are happy!

Galveston Bay water temps were staying in the upper 70’s for the entire month of October and into November.  Being over half way thru the month of November, we are seeing the temps dip down into the 50’s and even lower.  When the water temperature drops here on Galveston Bay, we see a big change is water clarity.  The silt and algae drop out of the water and we experience extremely good clarity.  The fish have finally began doing what we would expect them to do this time of year, and the catching has been spectacular.

We have finally seen a big drop in water levels due to high pressure as well as stiff north winds.  This in turn, drains the marshes, bayous and back lakes that have been nurseries for shrimp and small baitfish.

Galveston flounder run

The flounder have began their move and they are stacking up along the channels and passes to begin their annual migration.  We are catching very good numbers of nice solid flounder.  Baits of choice have been live mullet or Gulp Jigs.  A rig that I really have found to be a sure bet is a combination of both.  Instead of using a lead weight above our leader, we tie a 1/4 ounce jig head with a white plastic grub, then 18 inches behind that – a number 6 treble hook with a live finger mullet hooked thru the tail.  This is a very good combination, and we have been hooking and landing two flounder at a time with this rig.

Speckled Trout

The bull red action has still been steady along the Galveston Jetties, as well as some nice solid speckled trout.  Cut mullet fished in 20 to 25 foot of water has been the most productive for redfish up to 46 inches.  The specks have been falling for large live shrimp suspended 18″ below a popping cork.

The back lakes and marshes of Galveston have been very good for slot redfish.  The speckled trout action has been more steady with the drop in water temps and we have seen an increase in larger fish as well.  Live shrimp has still been the best bait, but as we move into December – live mullet will usually dominate.

December flounder gigging

The December look ahead is shaping up to be one for the record books.  I feel we will see some extremely large flounder this year, and may even see a new Texas State record flounder before year end.  I am very excited for the December 1 opening of flounder gigging season.  If you would like to get in on a night time flounder gigging trip, dont hesitate to give us a call and reserve your date. We will be posting regularly our pictures and reports, so be looking for the new record here.


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