December Flounder Gigging in Galveston

december Flounder Gigging

December 1st was the opening of flounder gigging again in Galveston Bay, and we were out there at 12:01 am ready and we got em!  There is no real consistent pattern yet, the fish are pretty much all over at different times.  If you dont find them in one area or cover – check another.  When you find them, they are thick.  Sand, mud, oyster shell, are all holding fish.  Bait fish are always a good sign, but not a guarantee.

The water clarity in Galveston Bay is great right now and will only get better as the water continues to cool down.  We had a good blast of cold air the last week of November and it really got some flounder on the move for their annual flounder run.  The water temps reached the lower 50s but is now back up to 70 plus.  We have another push of cold air due to hit tomorrow, and this should really get the fish moving and we will see a second surge of fish making their way out of the marshes, back lakes and bays.


I believe with this second push of good cold arctic air will get some big girls out and I anticipate great success in the areas I target in mid December.  Once this surge happens and the fish become more concentrated, the fish I find will usually be bunched up near deep water.  I have literally covered miles of shoreline, and then find one small area (less than 50 yards of shore) that the fish consistently stay.  I have stayed on a group of late December/January fish for 3 weeks in an area like this with great success.

Our Galveston Fishing Charters will also in full force thru December and January.  We will be targeting the marshes and bays for RedfishSpeckled Trout and Flounder.  Our Texas weather can sometimes be a little unpredictable, but when the weather is right – some of our best times are in the colder months.  The great thing about winter fishing is definitely quality of fish.  If you are looking for that slot redfish of a lifetime, monster speckled trout, or saddle blanket flounder – give us a call and lets get out on Galveston Bay!


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