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Why Choose Deep Sea Fishing in Galveston

deep sea fishing for MahiDeep sea fishing in Galveston is an experience like no other. The Gulf of Mexico, often called the Mediterranean of the Americas, is 500,000 square miles of blue water that plunges to more than 12,000 feet at its deepest point. Its cool, deep water creates the perfect environment for plankton growth. The abundant plankton attracts small fish, shrimp, and squid, which in turn, attract the larger fish that feed on them. For 624 miles, this amazing semi-inland saltwater sea laps over the Texas shore.

A day on the water off the Galveston coast comes complete with seabirds, saltwater spray, and sunlight sparkling like diamonds across the rolling surface of the Gulf. This alone makes a deep sea fishing excursion worth your while. It’s the spectacular fishing, however, that will get you hooked and keep you coming back for more.

The Fish That Bring the Fight to Galveston Deep Sea Fishing

More than 300 fish species have been identified along the Texas coast, making the blue water off barrier islands, like Galveston, an angler’s paradise. The size and fight of the big fish that make their home here really gets the adrenalin pumping. If you’re up for a battle, then deep sea fishing in the Galveston is the perfect venue.

Lightweight contenders in the big fish arena are the 20 to 50 pounders. Commonly found in this group are the always hungry red drum, a crafty, hard fighting fish that will challenge the most dedicated angler; the go for the bait grouper, which averages over 40” at maturity; the cool weather-loving red snapper, a line nibbler with a preference for squid and whole fish; the full of fight tripletail, an ambush predator that takes the hook with lightening speed; and the fast growing mahi mahi, which can top out at 48” to 60” in just 2 years.

Galveston Gulf middleweights, weighing 50 to approximately 100 pounds, include the powerful amberjack, an aggressive predator that will test the endurance of even seasoned anglers; the cobia, a voracious feeder that will chase prey from surface to seabed, if necessary; the open-water king mackerel, a big, hard-fighting fish that feeds on its less fortunate neighbors; the beautiful sailfish, a track star of the sea that can swim 100 meters in 4 seconds and perform jumps that would be the envy of an Olympic pole vaulter; and the wahoo, a prized game fish, often more than 7 feet long, known for its speed and the strength of its first run.

Finally, there are the heavyweights. Weighing in at 150 pounds or more, these are the big boys of the marine fight scene. The tarpon, considered one of the great saltwater game fish, matures at 8 feet long and upwards of 200 pounds. Powerful fighters with amazing leaping ability, they are a worthy adversary in the battle between angler and fish. The shark, an apex marine predator, is also an aggressive fighting fish. While over 15 species of shark can be found in the waters off Galveston, the most common are the bull shark – fast and agile, bull sharks average 7 to nearly 12 feet in length and 200 to 500 pounds; the spinner shark – a strong fighter that leaps and spins powerfully when hooked, spinner sharks can vary in size from 6 feet and 100 pounds to 10 feet and nearly 200 pounds; the blacktip shark – averaging 5 to 9 feet in length and maxing out at nearly 275 pounds, the blacktip is an extremely fast, energetic predator that, like the spinner shark, leaps and spins when hooked; and the shortfin mako shark – the fastest fish in the sea, shortfin makos routinely clock an impressive swim speed of 22 mph with one actually recorded at a speed of 43mph. Averaging 9 feet in length and 150 to 300 pounds, with the ability to leap up to 24 feet in the air, the shortfin mako presents a daunting challenge.


Are you ready to rumble? Deep sea fishing in Galveston is the place for you! Give yourself a huge advantage with a well-seasoned Galveston fishing guide. Captain Greg Verm of Fishing Galveston Tx has been prowling the waters of Galveston since childhood. He is intimately acquainted with the habits of his aquatic neighbors and can put you right where the action is. Settled comfortably aboard his 30-foot Fountain Center Console shark fishing boat, you can plug in your iPod and relax to your favorite tunes while the powerful twin 2012 Suzuki 175’s put you on course for some spectacular deep sea fishing action.

From the shallow open water just off the Galveston coast to the deep blue water 80 miles out, Captain Greg knows where the big fish are and how to put them on the hook. Equipped with a depth finder and a GPS plotter to locate the big fish and a marine weather radio and radar to keep abreast of any important changes in weather conditions, Captain Greg is your go-to guy for the deep sea fishing adventure of a lifetime. Contact us today to book your Galveston deep sea fishing charter.

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