Extreme Fishing For Trophy Flounder – Sight Casting at Night !!!

During the month of November, Texas Parks and Wildlife closes flounder gigging.  We are only allowed to keep two flounder per person, by rod and reel only.  With this law in effect, I have done some ‘outsitde of the box’ thinking and am now using the Gigging boat in the shallows – at night, and sight casting to November Flounder in the shallows!

Hunting the bay floor as we do when gigging, we spot a flounder laying on the bottom.  We stop the boat, and sight cast our lure to the fish.  The fish may bite instantly, or we may have to entice it some… Once the fish decides to bite, the jig dissappears and the fish just lays back down.  Count to 10…1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9… then wham!  Set the hook, the water explodes and the fight is on!  Talk about adrenaline!!  Last night 75% of the fish we sight casted to ate the bait.  This is a great way to catch November flounder, and hunt for the trophy of a lifetime!


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