Fall Fishing in Galveston, Texas

Galveston Bay Fishing Guides

Fall on the Galveston Gulf Coast has always been a magical time of year.  Water temperatures falling, migratory birds flying south, beautiful sounds of geese and sandhill cranes flying high in the sky are all sure signs that some amazing fishing, flounder gigging and outdoor acitvities are on the horizon on the Texas Gulf Coast. The first clues of falling water temperatures are the shortening of daylight hours and longer nights which begin in September.  This annual occurrence will lower the night time water temps only a degree or two.  With the help of some fresh northerly air we will see water temps fall, water clarity clear, bait fish falling out of the marshes, and some amazing fishing for red fish, speckled trout, and flounder.

Galveston Flounder Gigging

This year all of these things are just now beginning to occur.  Our Galveston Fishing Guides have finally seen water temps remain in the 70s and this is a key temperature zone that trigger some amazing fishing trips.  October was relatively warm, with high tides, lots of east winds, and low pressure.  All of these conditions combine, and bait fish stay up in the grass marshes….. and so do the fish.  We are catching flounder this week way up in the bayous.  These fish are miles and miles away from the bay.  Flounder Gigging in December is going to be absolutely fabulous!

Speckled Trout in Galveston

As I write this fishing report, we have a push of cold air making its way down.  After this little blast – we are going to see mullet, shrimp and other bait fish flushed out of the marshes and estuaries.  Good Stuff happens when these bait fish have to leave their hiding places!

Give us a call or book a fishing charter online if you would like to go catch some Galveston flounder, red fish and speckled trout.  We also have a few days left for the opening of December flounder gigging.


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