February Fun Fishing in Galveston

Galveston Fishing Report February

February fishing in Galveston Texas can be extremely rewarding for those that get out on the Bays of Galveston and give it a shot.  Here in Texas, February weather can be very nice. Weather in Galveston, Texas during the month of February is characterized by rising daily high temperature, with daily highs ranging from 61°F to 67°F over the course of the month, exceeding 73°F or dropping below 51°F only one day in ten.  By the latter part of the month, the average temperature in the day time is around 67°F ….  Not far from where most people set their air conditioner thermostats during the summer months!  February fishing in Galveston can be like fishing in the air conditioned!

galveston fishing guides sheepshead

February marks the month of pre-spawn conditions for one of the most overlooked fish in Galveston Bay.  This fish puts up a tremendous battle, can be a great challenge to hook into if the correct tackle and presentation is not met.  With a tremendous battle on ‘speckled trout’ size tackle and gear, with an extremely white flaky filet that can be easily mistaken for a red snapper filet – Bait Stealers, Convict Fish, Seven Striped Jetty Snapper…. or their legal name – Sheepshead!  Yes, they fight hard and are really good to eat, but for some people catching them is a real chore.  One look at the near perfect row of front teeth and you see why they are so aptly named.  They really do look like the teeth of a sheep.

Galveston Sheepshead

On the upper and lower part of the jaw, are crusher teeth which are directly behind the front row of teeth.  These are very hard ‘bumps’ that come together and crush whatever food they have inhaled into their strong mouth.  Crabs, shrimp, barnacles… the sheepshead crunch and grind then spit out the shell parts and swallow that animal part.  This crunching activity is what savvy sheepshead anglers are able to recognize.

Galveston Fishing guides

From February thru April and even into May, these fish will be staging along inlets and passes and schooling up along brige pilings and rock groins or jetties.  Our Galveston Fishing Charters will target these fine fish as well as speckled trout and redfish.  Very often, these three species of fish are in the same area and feeding on the same baitfish.  Limits of Sheepshead are very common, with speckled trout and redfish mixed in as well – and fine dining is not far away.  These fish are great fun for families and kids to catch.  Our Galveston Fishing Guideshave the know how, and expertise to get you in battle with the Galveston Sheepshead!

kids fishing in galveston

We post daily reports to keep you up to date, and let you know what is biting.  Give us a call for more information or how to book a fantastic Galveston Fishing Charter with one of our Family & Kid Friendly Galveston Fishing Guides.


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