Fishing, Hunting & Flounder Gigging… It is Fall on the Upper Texas Gulf Coast

Magical Time of Year – Fall Fishing & Hunting on The Upper Texas Coast

The changing of the seasons is always a welcome from anglers and outdoors men.  The transition from summer to fall is likely the favorite for most.  On the Texas Gulf Coast, so many great things begin to happen when daylight hours become shorter, water temperatures begin to fall, and moon phases and tides drastically effect water levels.  Not only does the fishing action turn on… migratory birds, waterfowl, and wildlife that call the Texas Coast home for Fall and Winter make the scenery so beautiful while catching some amazing fish.

Red Fish in Galveston

From August thru November, the Bull Red Fish Run is happening.  We begin seeing the action start to heat up in late August.  These Giant Bull Reds migrate to the passes of Bays from the Gulf for their annual spawning activities.  The Galveston Jetties and Channel is likely the most popular area for this in Galveston.  High Tides, mixed with Tropical Storms/Depressions that are notorious for the Texas Coast during August and September help push the larvae into the back lakes, bays and marshes where the redfish will hatch and thrive.  We will be catching these Giant Bull Reds thru November.  Mullet, fresh shad and croaker are great baits for the bull reds.

Galveston Back Bays and Marshes

Redfish action in the back lakes and marshes are also great during this fall season.  Greens, Karankawa, Chocolate, Halls, and San Luis Pass are great areas to target right now.  These are my favorite places to be during the fall.  The shallow flats and back lakes are great areas to catch redfish feeding on mullet and shrimp.  Also, many species of waterfowl have made their journey south and will spend the winter here.  This is always special to see.  Cool crisp mornings, shallow water redfish, and ducks flying overhead.  Along with the redfish action on these flats – we will also be catching great numbers of speckled trout and flounder.  Live bait such as shrimp and mullet work excellent under a popping cork or fished along the bottom.  This is also a great time for top water action.  If you have never seen a redfish explode on a topwater plug… this is a great time to get in on the fun!  My son, Captain Gregory caught his first topwater redfish in October when he was 8 years old.  He has caught hundreds since, but there is nothing like that first one.

Galveston Flounder Gigging

This is a special time of year for one of the oldest traditions on the Texas Gulf Coast – Flounder Gigging.  Some years, October can be excellent for flounder gigging here in Galveston.  Other years, it is still a bit too early.  The major factor affecting the flounder run and water clarity is temperature and tides.  Here in Galveston, the water temperature needs to reach at least into the 70’s to see the clarity clean up.  Some years we experience some late September early October cool fronts… and some years we do not.  This year we did not.  The first cool front to even mention has not yet happened and we are almost mid-way thru October.  The one good thing is there are still lots and lots of flounder in our bay system, and the best is yet to come.  We also offer a very cool trip – our Galveston Fish-Gig Combo.  On this trip, we will fish the evening for redfish and speckled trout until dusk – then we will put up the fishing poles and grab the flounder gigs to hunt the bay floor for flounder.  This is a very popular trip for the fall.


Galveston Bay Duck Hunting

Youth Season:  October 27-28

Regular Season:  November 3 thru 25 & December 8 thru January 27

Duck Hunting on Galveston’s Bays and Marshes can be extremely fun.  Thousands of one of the most beautiful ducks call Galveston West Bay home this time of year – The Red Head.  These birds will raft up on the shorelines and in the middle of Galveston Bay by the hundreds.  Seeing the sky turn black as these birds decoy in is magical.  Also, mixed in with the red heads are pintails, teal, bluebill, shovelers, bufflehead, gadwall, wigeon and golden eye.  This is also a great time of year to try a Blast & Cast trip.  On this trip we will duck hunt in the morning, then fish the flats and back lakes for redfish, trout and flounder.


Lodging at Beautiful Bay’s Landing

Anyone fishing, gigging or hunting with us – also has access to stay at Bay’s Landing Fishing Lodge.  Nestled in Turtle Cove on Oyster Creek, this house can accommodate up to 11 people upstairs.  With an outside grill, tv, and piers to crab or fish from, Bay’s Landing is a great get away for some Fall Fun.  Take a morning fishing trip, slam some redfish, trout and flounder then come back to the lodge and relax.  This is a great time of year to be an angler on the Upper Texas Gulf Coast.  Give us a call and get your Fall Fishing, Hunting or Gigging Adventure booked today!  409-739-8526


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