Flounder Gigging On Texas Coast – Looking Ahead to the Seasons





As I sit at my computer, taking a break from the Texas Summer Heat – I cant help to look ahead to the coming months.  I think all sportsman that enjoy the great Texas Outdoors have allot in common when it comes to ‘looking ahead’.

In the winter months, I find myself enjoying the cold water Big Trout Bite in West Galveston Bay, but soon find myself anticipating the warmer spring months and the adventures that follow.  Be it the Texas Spring Turkey season, or the influx of the flounder coming back into the shallow bays and Texas Marsh.  As spring winds down and the water temps rise, I start looking into the summer months for snapper season, trolling weedlines the Gulf of Mexico for Mahi, Big Trout on the Jetties, Tarpon in the surf, and everything that goes along with summer time on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Well, it is July 19th – and even though summer is still in full swing, I cant help but think about the Big Galveston Bull Redfish we will be catching along the Galveston Jetties and Channel in late August thru mid October – making our reels screem as the battle begins.  As the cool fronts begin making there way down to the Texas Gulf Coast – the Galveston Flounder Gigging will be in full swing as well as the Fall Flounder Run that occurs along the Galveston Channels and passes.  All of the 18″ to 19″ redfish that are in the shallow marshes right now – will have grown to ‘Redfish on the Halfshell” size by Ocotber – November.  There is nothing like a  Galveston Redfish attacking a 6″ topwater plug in 12″ of water!  Once the fronts start passing – the bayous and marsh will flush out the shrimp into the open bays, and it will be time to start  chasing the birds that tell us oh so well where the fish are.  Some of my best Fall Trips last year yielded limits of slot redfish, flounder, some nice speckled trout – but the best part were the ducks and geese that made there long journey down and called our marshes home for a while adding more beauty to our already awesome outdoor surroundings.  The sound of the geese hollars in the rice fields as we are reeling in beautiful slot redfish, fat trout, and saddle blanket flounder – is one of the great things about the unique beauty of our Texas Gulf Coast and Galveston Bays.

So many things to look forward to here along the Texas Gulf Coast in our great outdoors.  Changing of the seasons mean changing areas we fish, patterns we key in on, and great adventures to look forward to on the different areas of Galveston Bay.

As for now, we are still in the middle of summer along the Texas Coast – and there are still many Mahi Mahi, Kingfish, Wahoo, Speckled Trout, Tarpon and many more summer adventures I look forward to sharing with my customers, family and friends.  So we will keep our flip flops on, sunscreen out, and enjoy another great summer along the Texas Gulf Coast and Galveston Bay.

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