Galveston Alligator Gar Charters

At Fishing Galveston Tx Charters, we offer many unique fishing adventures.  One of the most exciting excursions is our Galveston Alligator Gar Fishing Charters.  If you like the idea of a one on one battle with a fierce pre-historic predator with heavy tackle in the calm waters of Galveston’s bayous & back lakes – book your Guided Alligator Gar Fishing Trip today!

Our Galveston Fishing Guides have decades of experience chasing these fierce predators of Galveston’s marsh land.  We only provide top of the line Big Game Tackle to land these Monsters of the Marsh!  If you have ever watched the TV Show ‘River Monsters’,&  would like the adrenaline rush and thrill of landing one of these dinosaur like fish, give us a call and experience the adventure of your life!  Pack a camera, and take allot of pictures, you will definitely want to share your battle with your friends.


Gars are easily distinguished from other freshwater species by their long, slender, cylindrical bodies, their long snouts, and the fact that they are equipped with diamond-shaped interlocking (ganoid) scales. Additionally, the dorsal and anal fins are placed well back on the body, and nearly opposite each other. The tail fin is rounded. Alligator gar may be distinguished from other gars by the presence of two rows of large teeth on either side of the upper jaw in large young and adults. Coloration is generally brown or olive above, and lighter underneath. The species name spatula is Latin for “spoon”, referring to the creature’s broad snout.


Life History

Little is known about the biology of this huge fish. Alligator gar are usually found in slow sluggish waters, although running water seems to be necessary for spawning. They appear to spawn in the spring beginning sometime in May. Eggs are deposited in shallow water. Young fish may consume insects. Adults feed primarily on fish, but will also take waterfowl. This species is able to tolerate greater salinities that other gar species and feeds heavily on marine catfish when they are available.


Alligator gar are present in the Gulf of Mexico coastal plain from the Econfina River in west Florida west and south to Veracruz, Mexico. The species range extends north in the Mississippi River basin to the lower reaches of the Missouri and Ohio rivers. An isolated population also occurs in Nicaragua. In Texas, alligator gar may be found in coastal rivers and streams from the Red River west to the Rio Grande.


Gar have traditionally been considered rough fish by the majority of anglers. However, for a relatively few mavericks gar fishing may be quite an exciting and enjoyable sport. In Texas, alligator gar up to 279 pounds have been captured by rod and reel anglers, and over 300 pounds by trotliners. In the Southeastern part of the state, gar are commonly accepted as a fine food fish. Alligator gar are often taken by by bowfishers or by anglers using nylon threads, rather than hooks, to entangle the fish’s many sharp teeth.

Give us a call today and book your Galveston Texas Alligator Gar Fishing Guide Today, and get HOOKED UP on a trophy!

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