Galveston Bay Fishing Guide Report

Fishing Galveston Bay

Our Galveston Bay Fishing Guides have had a spectacular week of fishing, and have put smiles on many faces lately with awesome catches.  We have had a tremendous amount of rain lately which creates a mass amount of fresh water in flow to Galveston Bay.  Fresh water flow is great for our Bays…. but the immediate impact can hurt Galveston back lakes and bayous that we fish.  When this happens our Galveston Bay Fishing Guides respond by moving to areas where the fishing is positively impacted.  Though the back lakes and bayous will be extremely muddy due to runoff – this does push the fish closer to the Gulf and concentrates them in certain areas where the salinity is more stable in Galveston Bay.

Fishing Guide

Galveston Fishing Guide, Greg Verm has been keying in on these areas where the water clarity is green, and the salinity level is stable.  “The Redfish and sheepshead bite in Galveston Bay has been off the hook!”  says professional Guide, Greg Verm.  “Live shrimp has been the key, as well as finding the edge of currents that will tend to stage large amounts of bait fish which is a dinner bell for beautiful Galveston Redfish.”

fishing guides in galveston bay

Galveston Fishing Guide, Captain Clint Verm has also been keying in on areas where salinity is stable and water clarity is very good.  Targeting Galveston Speckled Trout has been what Captain Clint loves to do, and the bite has been very good at times.  There has not been allot of numbers as far as quantiy but the quality of the Speckled trout has been better than he has seen in years.  “The redfish bite has been extremely stable as long as we can find some moving water.  Live shrimp free lined or under a popping cork in 2 to 12 foot of water has been best” says Galveston Bay Fishing Guide Captain Clint Verm.

Here at Fishing Galveston Tx our Fishing Guides of Galveston Bay are very knowlegable and go where the fish are.  Mother Nature will push fish to certain areas, and our Fishing Guides move with the fish.  You can rest assured that when you book a trip, and are on board with our Galveston Bay Fishing Guides – you are in the best place to be to catch the most fish!

fishing guides Galveston Bay

The fishing outlook for Galveston Bay is extremely good.  With full limits of sheepshead being the norm lately – we anticipate for it to continue for at least another 4 to 5 weeks.  Also, the redfish bite will also get better thru the summer.  As the water temps warm, more numbers of speckled trout will also be caught in Galveston Bay and we plan to put our customers right on top of them!

Give us a call to book a Galveston Bay Fishing trip and experience a great day on the water with one of our professional Galveston Bay Fishing Guides.  We have fished these waters our entire lives and will get you and your family hooked up on some great fish!


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