Galveston Bay Fishing Guides

Our Galveston Bay Fishing Guides have logged thousands of hours Fishing Galveston Bay.  Our Bay system offers year round fishing for the top three sought after fish – Redfish, Speckled Trout and Flounder.  From the back water bayous, marsh and bays to the Galveston Jetties – our Galveston Bay Fishing Guides know where the fish are.

Growing up fishing these waters has helped our Fishing Guides know the different patterns and migratory passages the fish take, year after year in Galveston Bay. Depending on the type of fishing you would like to do – we always have a trip that will suit anyone’s desires.  From the shallow calm Galveston back lakes and bays to the deeper Big water of the Galveston Jetties – we have the know how, boats and equipment to suit any trip.

If you want to escape the summer heat on Galveston Bay, and try your skills at one of the most popular night time sports on Galveston Bay – let our Fishing Guides take your family and friends out on a night time flounder gigging trip.  You will explore the Galveston Bay system under the blanket of night and illuminate the Bay floor with halogen and LED lighting in search of Galveston Flounder.  Though flounder is the main fish we are in search of – it will not be the only type of fish you see swimming in the shallows of Galveston Bay.  Stingrays, Blue Crabs, Redfish, Mullet, Snakes, Eels, and many, many other fish including SHARK may swim thru the lights.  Our Galveston Bay Fishing Guideswill put you and your crew in the best spots to increase your success on your trip.  So pick a date, grab your camera and book your Fishing Trip with one of our Galveston Bay Fishing Guides – and experience a fishing trip like never before!

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