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Galveston Bay Fishing Guides

We had an incredible finish to the month of March here for Galveston Fishing.  Some incredible weather conditions, mixed in with some very good days of tidal movement creates the perfect combination for some amazing Galveston Fishing Charters!  Water temperatures continue to rise, and are flirting with the low 70’s.  We are seeing some good signs as the temps are increasing.  Jack Crevalle are showing up, as well as Spanish Mackeral.  These are sure signs that summer is not far away, and Galveston fishing will continue to get better and better.

Fishing Guides in Galveston

We had the Vu family on board this past week for a great day of Fishing.  They actually booked an offshore trip, but with the seas not being very cooperative as well as how far offshore we would have to run to find some good fish that we could actually keep (Red Snapper Season will open June 1) – I was able to talk them into a Galveston Jetty trip and also save them some money.  It was a great day with a Father and his four sons.  We learned the name for “Dad” in the Vietnamese language is “Ba”.  Great Times and Ba caught a ton of awesome fish!  They all caught full limits of Bay Snapper (Sheepshead), some very nice Redfish, and also some very nice black drum.  The Vu family had an amazing time, and also thanked us for letting them know the best Galveston Fishing Trip to take for this time of year.  There is one thing about our Galveston Fishing Charters that I guarantee – We will tell you which is the best kind of Fishing Trip to take for the time of year.  We are not going to take you on a trip just so that we can make the most money.  We want our customers to come back and fish with us again and again.  All of our reviews will tell you we offer the Best Fishing Charter in Galveston.  The Vu Family will be back for an offshore – Deep Sea trip during the months that we recommended to them.  Our Galveston Fishing Guides want to fish for what is biting and ensure a great Fishing Experience!

galveston bay fishing guide

Our Galveston Bay Fishing Guide, Captain Greg Verm had a great Day with Craig and Dianne for an amazing day of fishing.  Dianne battled a Giant Jack Crevalle for over an hour and half.  We pulled up anchor and had to chase it down to ensure not running out of line on the reel!  Finally, after Dianne had gotten the best of the fish – and had it close to the boat…… the Jack Crevalle made a last effort and ran quick to the motors and cut the line!  Oh such a heart breaker – But Dianne definitely made up for it a little later.

Galveston Redfish Guides

Craig and Dianne each caught Giant Redfish that they decided to catch-photo & release, full limits of sheepshead and some Gigantic Black Drum to boot!  Live shrimp and Cracked Crab were the baits of choice and Our Gavleston Bay Fishing Guide sent them home with bags of fresh fillets!

Galveston Fishing Guides

We have been on the water every day for the past couple of weeks and have seen some very good signs to ensure this is going to a record breaking year for Galveston Fishing.  Our Bays are in great shape, bait fish hatch is abundunt, and some incredible fishing has already taken place.

Galveston Bay Fishing Guides

We have had a 9.04 lb Speckled Trout already, as well as some double digit Sheepshead that are Giants!  The Spanish Mackeral and schools of Jack Crevalle have made there presence known this past week along the Galveston Beachfront, and great things are sure to follow!

Galveston Shark Fishing

As we enter the month of April, we will see more and more speckled trout being caught on our Galveston Fishing Charters.  By months end the sheepshead will be finishing up their spawing activities and the speckled trout bite will become more abundunt.  The Spanish Mackeral as well as Sharks will be finding their ways to our baits.

Galveston Bay Fishing Guides

Fishing Galveston Tx is the most Family Friendly Galveston Fishing Charter. We encourage getting kids and families out on Galveston Baywith our Fishing Guides for a great trip that will make memories to last a lifetime.

Check out our real time photos and reports here.  Give us a call at 409-739-8526 or email Captain Greg Verm at

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