Galveston Blast & Cast

Fishing Galveston Tx is now booking Blast & Cast trips during the month of November on beautiful Galveston Bay.  We will bring you out by boat to the blinds, provide decoys and let you do the rest.  Types of ducks to expect are widgeons, teal, gadwalls, redheads, spoon bills, and many others.  These are non guided hunts.

You will need waders and if you have your own retriever – bring em along!


After your hunt on beautiful Galveston Bay, get ready to put up the shotguns and get bowed up on some redfish, flounder and speckled trout.  We will fish the shallow bay flats, back lakes and bayous.  Redfish are on the top of the hit list with flounder and speckled trout running a close second and third.

Trips start 1.5 hrs before sunrise and back to the dock by noon.  $300 per person.  Two person minimum.


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