Galveston Family Fishing Fun

Friday evening I had returners Bill and his fatherinlaw Don, and this time Bill brought his daughters – 6 year old Lauren and 8 year old Katie. Bill booked our special Fish-Gig Combo.  Our main objective to start out was putting these girls on some Galveston redfish. So, we start on one of my favorite redfish flats, and get started. Within 10 minutes, fish on – only to come unbuttoned (we have to work on keeping the rod tip up & and not letting slack get in the line… no problem). A few minutes later “Fish On!” I see the fish break water…. and guess what – a 20lb Catfish…. not a hard head, but a blue.
Next fish on – 26″ Redfish. These little girls, their dad and Paw Paw are excited… not to mention that I am pretty stoked as well!
Get set back up and – and wham! Another BIG Fish…… Big blue Cat!!! Unbelievable!
Little bit of time goes by and fish slow down, so we move to another Redfish hole… pretty slow until 30 minutes before dark, and then it was ‘FIREDRILL!’
Ended up with 8 redfish to 29-1/2″… lost another 5 or 6, two Big Catfish – now the sun is down and time to gig. These girls are worn out by this time. Wind was pumping pretty good, but we gave it a go anyway, and they did gig 3 fish, and missed two others in about an hour. Bill figured they had close to 80 lbs of fish, girls said it was their favorite fishing trip ever (guides love to hear this), and that they cant wait to come back (I really love to hear that!)
Great evening on the water, with some great folks.  There is nothing that makes being a guide more enjoyable, than to be a part of memories in the making for great families.
Here at Fishing Galveston Tx we take allot of pride in being the number 1 Galveston Family Fishing Charter !  Get those kids out on the water, make some great memories, take allot of pictures, & catch some BIG FISH!

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