Galveston Fishing Charter & Flouder Gigging Rolled Into One

Galveston Bay Fishing Charters and Flounder Gigging – An Exciting Combination.

Flounder Gigging and Galveston Fishing CharterOne of the Galveston Fishing Charter trips that is becoming very popular among many of our customers is the Fish-Gig Combo.  On these trips, we leave the dock 3 hours before sundown for an afternoon Galveston Fishing Charter. We will have the boat in the water and all of the fishing poles, tackle and live bait waiting on you at the dock. We are primarily fishing the backwater bayous, marsh, and bays of Galveston.  Our main target is the Galveston Redfish.  Live bait in the form of shrimp, mullet, or mudfish is the bait of choice.  Of course, we are fishing from the Custom Rigged Flounder Gigging Boat, so shallow water redfish are not a problem to get too.  We either fish for these redfish with live mullet and mudfish on bottom or live shrimp under popping cork….. sometimes both.  It is not uncommon for us to have as many as 8 rods out at one time and waiting to go off…..  Sometimes the action is fast and furious as soon as we hit our spot.  Other times, we may sit for a bit until the rods start going off, and the action and chaos on the boat when multiple redfish are on the rods can be a bit adventurous to say the least !!!  Galveston Bay Redfish are one of my most exciting fish to catch.  They are pure muscle and pull like a freight train!  After a couple of hours of redfish catching, we will witness a beautiful sunset over Galveston Bay, and get ready for dusk to settle in, turn on the halogen and LED lights in pursuit of Big Texas Flounderlaying on the Bay Floor!  Along with the flounder, in the lights – you may also see Sheepshead, Black Drum, Mullet, Redfish, Stingrays, Blue Crabs, Shrimp, and many more species, including sharks!

We offer the Fish-Gig Combos to give our customers a great value for their money.  When booking a Fish-Gig Combo, you get virtually two charters rolled into one.  The most value for you money, guaranteed!  You will get agrea guided fishing trip with all of the tackle, live bait and fish cleaning included, along with a night of flounder gigging in a custom rigged boat with airfan to ease you thru the shallow flats in search of Flounder.

Book a trip today, and experience a great time on the water with us!



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