Galveston Fishing Report – Fall Fishing on The Upper Texas Coast

Written by: Captain Greg Verm                     

Current Water Temperatures:

Eagle Point:  69.6F

Galveston Causeway:  68.7F

Galveston North Jetty:  71.6F

San Luis Pass:  70.9F            

There has always been something special about the changing of the seasons for outdoor sportsmen and women.  The most exciting change of the season for me has always been the transition from summer to fall.  As the heat of the summer slowly fades, as days get shorter and nights longer, water temperatures begin to drop, and exciting things begin to happen in the passes and shallows of our Galveston Bay System.

This year has been another one of those great times of transition, and we are only on the tip of the exciting fun that Galveston Fall Fishing presents.  Recently, the passes from the Gulf of Mexico to our Bay System has seen multitudes of bull red fish coming thru our Galveston Jetties for the annual spawning activities.  Our Galveston Fishing Charters have had some epic bull red action this past month along both the North and South Galveston Jetties.  Fishing in 16 to 24 feet of water that is moving has been the key.  Tidal movement is always important in bay fishing, and it also applies to having success in the deeper waters targeting these giant bronze beauties.  Sometime the currents are better on the channel side while other times it is the gulf side of the jetties.  Using our larger deep-sea tackle is very important to not wear out the bull red fish too much but be able to have a good battle and still have the fish not so exhausted to be able to successfully release these important breeders back into the water so they can have a successful spawn.  The baits of choice the past couple of weeks has been fresh shad fished along the bottom with a Carolina rig using a 6 to 8 oz egg weight, 80 lb leader and a 8/0 inline circle hook.  The inline circle hook helps with a clean release as most of the time the hook will be in the corner of the jaw and not tear much flesh. 

Not only are the Giant Bull Reds very abundant along the Galveston Jetties, but very nice slot red fish are also being caught up tight along the rocks.  We change up our technique for the slots.  Using lighter rods and reels as well as hook size and much less weight.  Free lining live shrimp along both the north and south jetties have been very good for red fish and the occasional speckled trout.

Now let’s talk about my favorite type of fishing during this time of year – the shallow back lakes and marshes of Galveston Bay.  As the water temperatures cool down – the shallow flats get filled with shrimp, mullet and mud fish… and the red fish are hot on their tail!  October and November are likely the most successful months of the year for shallow top water red fish action.  My favorite topwater bait during this time of year is the Saltwater Rapala Skitterwalk in the black/chartreuse color scheme.  Targeting sand and mud flats adjacent to deep water with bait fish presence is as almost of a guarantee for success as fishing permits for November fishing.  As early morning and late evening are most people’s favorite times to throw tops – I have thrown a top all day long during the month of November and even December with very good success.  For our natural bait clients – live mullet fished along the bottom tight to the shoreline is a sure bet for redfish, speckled trout and flounder during this time.  Also, the oyster reefs of West Galveston Bay hold good numbers of speckled trout right now.  Live shrimp under a popping cork is a great way to bend those rods.  Also, now is the time to be sure and pack those binoculars in the boat to spot those diving birds.  With each passing front our marshes will dump millions of shrimp into the main bay and speckled trout will be feeding up on them and the diving birds will be telling you where they are. 

Fall fishing is here on the Texas Gulf Coast and it is a great time to get in on some exciting action.  Give us a call and we will answer any questions you may have and hopefully we can get you and your family out on Galveston Bay for Fall Fishing Fun!  409-739-8526

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