Galveston Fishing Report – Fast & Furious Bull Reds

This month of September has been somewhat typical so far.  With an already high tide schedule, our predominately east winds have compounded the tides.  There are two things this effects for our fishing in Galveston.  One is our Bull Red Fishing has been fast and furious.  Our Galveston Jetty Charter we ran yesterday morning yielded quick action with some Giant Bull Reds!  This is the time of year for the Redfish spawn.  These bruts frequent the passes from the Gulf to our Bays, waiting on the right “high tide” to release their eggs.  The high tides will push these eggs up into the marshes, bayous and back lakes where the young redfish will call home for two to three years.  Right now these Giant fish are cruising our Galveston Jetties and other passes that are the “highways” for their spawning.  These fish put up a tremendous battle for an angler.  It is not uncommon to have four rods screaming at once with the Beasts of Fish stripping line off like a jetski tied on to the other end.  The high tides, easterly winds and sandy, dirty water do not effect the bull red fishing.  Bull reds will feed on dead, bloody baits.  A redfish relies not only on sight, but scent.  I have found that when water clarity is hindered, a good dead, stinkny bait works wonders on catching redfish.  From bull reds on the Jetties – cut shad or mullet – to back bayous and back lakes for slot reds – dead, stinky shrimp will catch em!  So, if the water is dirty, tides are high – dont stay at home – Lets go slam some Giant Galveston Redfish!


With this time of year and the high tides already – this east wind we have been experiencing causes another large effect on our trips.  Our Galveston flounder gigging trips are having to be rescheduled.  Unlike the bull reds which we have great results in dirty water – if we cant see the bottom of the bay – we cant gig flounder.  So, on one hand I am ready for a break in the winds, tides and water clarity.  Though, there are years that do break the norm…. This month has been a typical September on Galveston Bay.  I believe that in a few days, our patterns will change, and with the passage of one good cool front – things will turn.  The flounder we gigged in August was unbelievable… I am expecting to see some record breaking flounder this fall!

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