Galveston Fishing Report February

Galveston Bay Fishing Guides

Galveston experienced a very nice warming trend last week, with temperatures rising as high as 81°F. The fishing was very good.  Water temps in Galveston Bay reached up into the mid 60’s.  This is typical of Galveston weather in February with some days feeling like mild summer then a cool front to let you know…. it is still February.  As of today, we had an arctic blast of cool air which will change things a bit.  As water temps will fall, the fish will respond and realize its not quite spring yet.  The warming trend we experienced did get our fishing patterns going in the “spring” direction – but its not quite time yet.

Galveston Bay Fishing Guides

During the warm days last week – we did see a rise in some very nice sheepshead finding their way to the annual spring time spawning areas.  Our Galveston Fishing Guides target the sheepshead from February thru mid May.  Putting up a spectacular battle, the sheepshead make even better table fare for anglers along the Texas Gulf Coast.  Free lined live shrimp did the trick last week and we were able to bring some very nice seven striped jetty snapper to the cleaning tables.  A number 1 ‘J’ hook with a 20lb leader with just enough weight to compensate for currents and depth – this rig is a sure bet.

Galveston Black Drum Run

The Galveston Black Drum has began.  The warming water temps is like a light switch for the Black Drum to begin their annual spawn.  Putting up a tremendous battle, it is not uncommon to catch and land numerous fish over 30lbs on a half day Galveston Fishing Charter.  These tremendous fish will definitely test your skill and stamina as the battle ensues.  Recently the baits of choice have been fresh blue crab and fresh cut mullet.  We are fishing these baits in 22 to 34 foot of water on bottom and using weight up to 6 oz depending on currents.

Galveston RedfishFu

Also, as we are fishing for the Black Drum – we are catching the first cousin Bull Redfish as well.  With the Bull Redfish population exploding the past few years – Anglers have found Galveston Texas to be the premier destination for tackling huge Bull Reds along the Texas Coast.  These bruts are caught in the same manner we target the Giant Black Drum, and the battle theses spectacular fish put up is second to none.

Galveston Redfish Fishing Guides

With the water temps rising in the shallow back lakes and bayous last week, we saw an increase in activity on the mud flats and grass flats with redfish, speckled trout, flounder, puppy drum and sheepshead.  Our Galveston Fishing charters were fishing live shrimp fished under a popping cork as well as live finger mullet was the hot ticket last week in these areas.

Galveston Bay Fishing Guides

Spring Break is fast approaching and Galveston Texas is a top destination here on the Texas Gulf Coast.  Incredible attractions as well as outdoor activities – Galveston is a great place to find yourself during Spring Break.  We offer many different fishing charters from Jetty Fishing, Bay Fishing, Bayous and Backlakes, Night Time Flounder gigging, and many more.  Here at Fishing Galveston Texas, our Kid Friendly Fishing Guides have the expertise to get you and your family hooked up into some Big Fish Action!  Give us a call or email with questions and expectations.  We have a trip that is right for you.


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