Galveston Fishing Report March

Galveston Redfish Guides

Despite ever changing weather conditions lately, which is typical for this time of year – Galveston Bay Fishing is heating up.  Very nice slot reds, speckled trout and sheepshead have been finding their way to the cleaning tables very regular on our Galveston Bay Fishing Charters.

Galveston Redfish guides

With a rather large fluctuation in water temperatures, from 52°F to almost 70°F – depending on weather conditions.  It doesn’t take long for the temps to rise after a day or two of nice sunny weather.  The fish are constantly adjusting to these conditions, and our Galveston Fishing Guides adjust as well.

Galveston Redfish

As always, the key ingredient to finding the fish this time of year is ‘Find the Baitfish’.  This always holds true, but even more so during February and March when water temps, tide fluctuations, and wind direction affect bait locations.  Our success lately in Galveston Bay is due to adjusting to conditions and do not get locked in on one area.  We move around allot until we find some feeding fish.  Bottom Structure, depth, water clarity and wind directions play a big role in our Galveston Bay Fishing Charter success.  Oyster reef, mud bottoms, drains (when tide is falling or rising) all are very large factors for a successful trip.

redfish in galveston bay

Baits of choice lately have been a combination of live shrimp fished under a popping cork, live finger mullet under a popping cork, and live mullet fished on bottom.  With these three combinations, we are having very successful Guided Galveston Fishing Trips recently.

As water temps continue to rise and fall as weather conditions change, this time of year with longer days of sunlight – the temperatures will get higher and higher.  This will key spawning, and high feeding activity. In other words…. Galveston Fishing is heating up, and Get Better & Better!

Give us a call to get in on some Galveston Spring Fishing!  We will get you hooked up on some awesome fish, and have you wanting to come back for more!  409-739-8526

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