Galveston Fishing Report – September Spawning Red Fish

Current Water Temperatures:

Eagle Point:  82.2F

Galveston Jetty:  82.6F

Galveston Causeway:  N/A

San Luis Pass:  N/A


Red September

If there is one thing certain about Texas weather on the upper Texas Gulf Coast – the month of September brings high tides, low pressure, and stormy weather which are the perfect combination for spawning red fish in Galveston, Texas.  Bull Reds (name given to red fish over 30”) will come in from the Gulf waters to the passes of the Bays and lay their eggs. Between the third and fourth year, the red drum reaches sexual maturity. Spawning season is from mid-August through mid-October in Gulf waters, near the mouths of passes and shorelines. Eggs incubate for 24 hours, and larvae are carried into tidal bays by the current.  The high tides of September play a major role in carrying the larvae to the estuaries, bayous and back lakes for the red fish to grow.  They move to quiet, shallow water with grassy or muddy bottoms to feed on detritus (dead or decomposing plant and animal matter).  As they continue to mature, red fish will feed on shrimp, crab, mullet, mudfish and even crawfish in the brackish bayous and back lakes. Red fish have been known to live almost 40 years!

Stormy Weather Red Fish

Last year, the Texas Coast saw a hurricane by the name of Harvey drop record amounts of rain on the upper Texas Coast.  We recorded 52” in less than 24 hours at my house in Santa Fe, Texas.  5 days after this tremendous amount of rain fall – I ran a Galveston Fishing Charter and my clients caught bull reds until their arms could no longer reel them in.  What most people consider bad fishing weather does not set well with the bull red fish run.  High winds, dirty water, low pressure and high tides are a great combination to slam dunk some Galveston Red Fish. Areas that we target for these incredible fighting fish are passes from the bays to the Gulf.  Rollover, Galveston Jetty, and the San Luis Pass are three major passes here in Galveston.  Also, anglers looking to fish from piers or in the surf have success as well.  Favorite baits to use are cracked crab, live or cut mullet, shad, and dead shrimp along the bottom is a sure bet to hook into a giant Galveston Red Fish.  Check out a video of us catching some Giant Galveston Bull Reds using the Fishstix MVP Rods last September.

September is also a great month to target slot reds in the back lakes and bays of Galveston.  On a Galveston Bay Fishing Charter, we will target red fish, flounder and speckled trout.  Fishing mud flats, oyster reefs and drains with live shrimp under a popping cork and live mullet fished along the bottom are great ways to target these fish.

September Flounder Gigging in Galveston

Galveston Flounder Gigging in September can be very good when weather cooperates, however typical September weather conditions is not ideal for flounder gigging here in Galveston, Texas.  When the winds are lite – some very nice flounder are gigged.  We actually begin seeing increased amount of flounder activity in the shallows by mid to late August.  Less day light hours trigger flounder that their annual migration is not too far away.  High tides do play a major role with flounder gigging, but thru the years of running Galveston Flounder Gigging Charters, we have found areas that are actually only good and accessible with a high bull tide.  September flounder gigging can be rewarding many nights, and also very frustrating at times – but the great thing to know is October is not far away and cool crisp nights, high pressure, and clean water is great for Flounder Gigging in Galveston.


Bay’s Landing Fishing Lodge

This past year, we began to offer lodging for our fishing clients.  Nestled on beautiful Oyster Creek in Freeport, Texas with boat slips just down stairs – Bay’s landing has been a hit for our fishing clients.  There are two bridges that connect Galveston Island to the mainland.  One is the Galveston Causeway.  The other is the San Luis Pass.  Freeport is just the San Luis Pass Bridge away from Galveston Island.  A quick drive down Blue water Highway, and you are at Bay’s Landing.  Sleeping up to 11 guests, with an outside bar, tv, grill, piers to crab and fish from… and the best part – wake up and catch the boat for a great day of fishing!  At only $200 per night, you can not beat this deal.  Waking up early to cach the boat for a fishing trip or after an evening of Flounder GiggingBay’s Landing is the place you want the boat to be!  Give Captain Greg a call at 409-739-8526 or email him at to book a trip, get a fishing report or ask questions.

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