Written by:  Captain Greg Verm

Current Water Temperatures:

Eagle Point:  73.9F

Galveston Causeway:  74.5F

North Galveston Jetty:  68.2F

San Luis Pass:  69.1F

Here we are in the spring of 2023, and I still am amazed at how great fishing on the Texas Gulf Coast is year after year.  Springtime fishing in Galveston has always been a very busy time of year with spawning activities kicking off for two very fun species of fish:  the BaySnapper (Sheepshead) and the black drum.  To even make things more interesting and fun – we have the spring flounder run that has kicked off and is at full speed right now.  Also, mixed in are the speckled trout coming off of another Texas Winter and they are beginning to feed up and get ready for their upcoming spawning rituals!

The fishing the past couple weeks have been absolutely great along the Galveston Jetties and the back lakes and bayous.  Lots of Big Fish are roaming the beachfront and our Galveston Fishing Guides are putting customers in the right place at the right time for steady action.  The BaySnapper spawn is in full swing, and these fun fighting fish are not only a blast to battle… they are one of the tastiest fish along the Texas Coast.  The Giant Black Drum have once again made the passes of Galveston Bay their roaming grounds for spawning fun, and we are hooking into these dinosaurs pretty regular.  While we are fishing for the Giant Black Drum… we are always pleasantly surprised when a RedDragon (Bull Red) sends our reels off screaming.  Get ready and Hold On!

The backlakes and bayous are always a great area to fish for lots of action.  Redfish, speckled trout, flounder, BaySnapper, drum and more are moving up on the flats as water temperatures continue to rise.

Spring Break is around the corner, and if you are looking for something to do to get those kids excited – Give us a Call and get in on the Best Kid Friendly Galveston Fishing Charter in Texas!

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