Galveston Fishing Report – Spring Weather = Big Fish

Galveston Fishing Charters

Our Galveston Fishing Charters have seen some very amazing fishing despite the unpredictable Spring weather we have been experiencing along the Galveston Gulf Coast.  Giant Redfish, Big Sow Speckled Trout, and Jetty Snapper are the top three along with some Monster Sharks and some Reel Screemin’ Jack Crevalle for those looking for a Big Game Battle.

Galveston Bay Fishing Guides

Saturday we experienced some dramatic weather with some challenging conditions which found our Galveston Fishing Guides waiting at the dock for a clear window to get hooks wet.  Once the weather cleared, we were able to get out and catch some very nice redfish and speckled trout.  The ‘Go To’ baits were live shrimp fished in 2 to 8 foot of water, with just enough weight to compensate for the currents.  We were also found some nice puppy black drum and sheepshead in the same areas using this technique as well.

Galveston Shark Fishing

Galveston Shark Fishing is incredible during the summer months, but this year we are seeing some very good size Black Tips and Spinner Sharks already.  This will only get better as the water temps continue to warm.  With the schools of Jack Crevalle and Spanish Mackeral calling the passes and jetties of Galveston home – the Sharks will be here as well.  This past week on one of our Fishing Charters we saw a school of Big Jacks get pushed to the surface of the water and something extremely Large was feeding on these 20 to 30 lb fish!


With the high winds as well as large amounts of rainfall we have seen here along the Texas Gulf Coast, our Galveston Flounder Gigging Charters have been slightly slower than normal for the month of April.  Winds and the runoff from the rain have the waters stained just enough to not allow us to see allot of the Bay Floor where we gig our flounder.  When these waters clean up, we will be out there hunting the Galveston Flounder.


The Back Lakes and Bayous of Galveston Bay are a great place to fish during the Spring and Summer Months.  Lately they have been hurt by the large amounts of rainfall.  These areas will be much more productive once the salinity levels stabilize.  For families and small children, the bayous and back lakes are a great area to fish.  Calm, shallow waters where sea sickness is never, ever an issue.  Check out one of our recent video with footage of a bayou and backlake Galveston Fishing Trip.


We are in for a Amazing Summer of Fishing here in Galveston.  If you would like to get in on the action and take a Fishing Trip with us – give us a call at 409-739-8526 or email Captain Greg at

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