Galveston Fishing Reports – September Fishing at it Finest

Galveston Fishing Report

Galveston Fishing Reports

Summer has flown by, and it is hard to believe we are already into the month of September.  This month has started with a bang, and fishing in Galveston continues to be on fire!  We are already beginning to see our daylight hours shorten, and many great things happen when this takes place.  Water temperatures begin to fall, and annual spawns and migrations patterns start.

Galveston Fishing Reports

This past week, we have had some incredible catches of speckled trout, redfish, and flounder on our Galveston Fishing Charters.  We have had many trips with full limits of redfish and speckled trout the past few days.  We are fishing along the jetties and beachfront as well as in the back lakes and bays.  Live shrimp has been the top producer, and live croakers is running a very close second place.  Water clarity in Galveston Bay and the beachfront has been very nice and green.  Water temperatures are in the mid 80s and milder days are ahead.  We are on a typical high tide schedule for September.  These high tides and falling temperatures trigger what many anticipate each year…. The Galveston Bull Red Run.

Galveston Fishing Reports

From September thru October and sometimes into November Bull Red Fish will begin making their way to our passes from the Gulf into the Bays.  The high tides will carry their fertilized eggs into the marshes and back lakes where red fish fry will begin their life.  This is an amazing time to fish the jetties and passes to catch trophy size Bull Reds.  If you are looking for a line stretcher and a great battle – a Bull Red Fishing Charter needs to be on your ‘to do list’.  We will target these fish in areas of concentration.  Fresh shad and mullet fished along the bottom are the number one baits.  There are days where catching 30 to 40 of these massive fish is common – Sore arms for sure!

Flounder Fishing Galveston

Flounder fishing in the bayous and back lakes has been great this week.  We typically will throw plastics to these fish as they feed up on shad along the shallow mud flats and drains.  These fish are feeding up in anticipation of their annual migrations to the Gulf for their spawn as well, and we all know what this means…. Flounder Gigging Time in Galveston.

During the month of September, Flounder Gigging in Galveston can be very good.  Conditions need to be right, and High Tides is not what we like for flounder gigging.  If wind direction is right, we do have areas to target only on high tides, but the wind plays a major roll in this as well.

Galveston Fishing Reports

Give us a call to get in on some of the hot fishing action in Galveston.  There are many trips to choose, and our Galveston Fishing Guides will make sure your day on the water is a fun one!  409-739-8526 or email Captain Greg at

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