Galveston Flounder Gigging Charters – Fall on The Texas Gulf Coast

Written by Captain Greg Verm

The first hint of cool air that makes it’s way down to the Texas Coast affects many outdoor enthusiasts in different ways.  Many folks that get the itch to head to the Hill Country, Piney Woods or South Texas and hunt white tail deer.  Some get excited to get their shotguns loaded, decoy spread out, blow on a call and hunt ducks.  Another very exciting sport that gets my phone to ring allot after the first hint of cool air – Texas Flounder Gigging.  True… Flounder Gigging is open year-round except for the month of November.  Everyone that knows… knows Fall is the time to get in the shallows at night and hunt the elusive flounder.  I used to run flounder gigging charters year-round in Galveston.  I am not saying that gigging during the summer and spring is not productive, however water conditions play a major role in “successful” flounder gigging.  Summer-time water clarity in Galveston is more often than not… NOT ideal for flounder gigging.  Not only does the cooler water mean clearer water… Cooler water also means time for the famous “Texas Flounder Run”.

The month of September can be good for flounder.  The flounder are definitely already on the move.  However, Mother Nature usually has her way of protecting these flat fish during September.  High Tides and lots of easterly winds seem to be the norm for the month of September.  I have had some very successful Galveston Flounder Gigging Trips in September, but honestly most September nights are a grind.

October is when it really begins to get right.  Some nights are warmer than others, but the water temperatures usually are falling, water clarity improving, and Big Flounder moving.  The month of October is also a very great time to fish Galveston Bay.  Speckled Trout, Redfish and Flounder fishing can be amazing during October.  We also offer our very popular Galveston “Fish-Gig Combo”.  This trip gives you the best of both worlds for Fall Fishing & Gigging on the Texas Coast.  We will fish with rod-n-reel until dusk for redfish, specks and flounder.  Then when the sun goes down – put the fishing poles up, grab the gigs, fire up the fan motor and lights, and hunt the bay floor for Galveston, Texas Flounder!  Fun, Fun times on the Texas Gulf Coast.

The month of November, Texas Parks and Wildlife decided to not let us gig flounder.  This law is really a thorn in my side, but it is what it is.  For generations, gigging flounder on the Texas Gulf Coast has been a November Tradition, and the smart ones decided to take that right away from us regardless of public input.  We have learned to deal with it and wait until December 1 to get our gigs back out.

December is my favorite month for Galveston Flounder Gigging.  With the time change and shorter daylight hours, we can be hunting flounder by 5:30pm many evenings.  Pair a fishing trip with it – and the Fish-Gig Combo in December is a trip that is like no other.  Water clarity in Galveston during the month of December is what we wait all year for.  The water clarity stays right thru the month of February until the water begins to warm up in March.  I have had some amazing flounder gigging trips during the month of February.

If you have never experienced a Galveston Flounder Gigging Trip – give me a call at 409-739-8526 or book online.  Flounder Gigging is an experience every avid outdoor enthusiast must try for themselves.  We also have overnight waterfront lodging at Bay’s Landing.

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