Galveston Redfish

Catching shallow water Galveston Redfish on Topwater is one of my favorite types of fishing.  Catching Galveston Redfish is fun anyway you do it, but nothing can compare to enticing a big Redfish into eating a topwater lure.  First of all, the water I fish for topwater Redfish is shallow.  When I say shallow – I am talking 6 to 18 inches!  Yes,  Redfish feed in that shallow of water.  Mullet, shrimp, crabs, mudfish, and many other baitfish hide in the shallow marshes and this brings their predator the Redfish in.  The areas I fish are many times stained water, even muddy.  I generally dont actually see the fish like our buddies down in South Texas do, but you have to realize the subtle hints that give away where our Galveston Redfish are hiding.  I look for mud boils, boils, skittish bait fish, popping shrimp, and sometimes Redfish Tailing.

By design a redfish is a bottom feeder.  Their mouth is on the lower lateral line of their body, unlike the speckled trout.  The redfishdoes not realize this, and they will still feed on top.  How do I know – trust me, I have been fishing for and catching redfish since I was literally 4 years old.  My beginning days of catching Galveston redfish were a live shrimp under a popping cork.  Yes, many, many, many redfish have fallen to this old trick.  As I grew up and developed as a fisherman I wanted to try new techniques.  This lead me to fishing with aritficials – jigs, spinnerbaits, and even RattleTraps.  Then I discovered Topwater!  I have never been the same since.  The thrill of enticing a ‘bottom feeder’ into chasing a 6″ topwater plug immitating an injured mullet is like no other.  I have actually had a Redfish launch my topwater lure 4 to 5 foot in the air.  Talk about a heart stopper!  Trying to keep your cool and not set the hook is very hard to do.  Let the bait settle…… one more little ‘twitch’ maybe two then……WHAM!  Fish ON!

I will be putting a video of this out in the next month or two.  Stay tuned….  Tight Lines!

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