Galveston Shark Fishing Charters


Here at Fishing Galveston TX, we offer a variety of fishing trips that will fulfill every desire.  One of our famous summer trips is The Galveston Shark Hunting Adventure.  We will leave the dock as the sun is rising, and head out to the shark hunting grounds as far as 9 miles out.  We will stay in the state waters of Texas hunting Giant Galveston Sharks.  Black Tip, Bull Sharks, Spinner Sharks, Hammer Heads to name a few species we will be targeting.  Sometime, we will follow shrimp boats that are dragging nets.  Hungry Galveston Sharkswill be trailing behind the trawling nets, devouring any fish that gets thru the nets.  This is a great way to have some fast action on some Big Galveston Sharks !  Another method we will use at times is set up a chum line.  We will use ‘chum bags’ filled with anything from grinded up shad, mullet and bait fish, to even dog food that set out a great oil slick.  Sometimes a combination of both.  Bait of choice for our circle hooks is generally fresh shad, fresh sand trout, croakers, spanish mackeral, or any other fresh bait will generally work.

We will use heavy tackle for these fish, with clickers that we love to hear ‘SCREAM’ – meaning “FISH ON”.  Fish On! is always great to hear!  We like to set out three to four rods, depending on currents and conditions.  At times we will set out a couple baits under a balloon float.  The balloon keeps the bait near the surface where the sharks will catch scent of the chum line set out.  Spinner sharks are know for their acrobatic ability, and will actually get completely airborn when they attack the bait and feel the tension on the line.  Galveston Shark Fishing can be great fun.  We will make sure your Shark Hunt is a memory of a lifetime!

These trips are not for the faint of heart!  They are 110% pure Saltwater Adrenaline!  Kids love the idea of Shark Fishing, and will have a great time on the water hunting these amazing predators!

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