January Fishing & Flounder Gigging in Galveston

Friday evening I had Steve, his wife Tracy, son Michael and buddy Fernando for a Galveston Fish – Gig Combo.  Within 20 minutes of the fishing trip, a rod goes off and Tracy lands a beautiful 26″ Galveston Redfish.  As we were snapping some pics of her trophy – another rod goes off only to have the fish get off.  I was thinking at this point – we are going to get in them!  Well, we didn’t get another bite until dark and Michael landed a beautiful 21 Redfish.

Now it was time to turn on the lights, and start hunting Galveston Flounder.  We started seeing flounder beds everywhere, and then the flounder started showing up.  Steve and his crew gigged 15 nice flounder before calling it a night.  All in all it was another great night on Galveston Bay.

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