January Fishing Report for Galveston

Speckled Trout

Winter time Fishing on Galveston Bay can be outstanding for trophy size fish, especially speckled trout and slot redfish.  During these cooler months, it is not imperative to get out on the water at the break of daylight.  Sometimes it is best to sleep in a bit and let the surface temps heat up a few degrees.  Of course, here on the Texas Gulf Coast we do experience some very mild January and February days as well.  Some of my most productive redfish days have come in February in the back lakes and bayous during a slight warming trend.

redfish guides galveston

During these winter months on Galveston Bay our fishing charters will concentrate on deeper water, wash outs, and ‘drop offs’ for speckled trout and redfish.  When we do get a slight warming trend it can be very productive to fish the mud flats that are adjacent to these deeper areas. These 1 to 3 foot deep mud flats will be the first to warm up a few degrees and the bait fish presence will be a sure sign that this is where we need to fish.  As usual, tidal movement will also play its part into the feeding patterns.

Galveston Fishing Outlook

February Fishing in Galveston is great for Giant line stretching Black Drum, Sheepshead (excellent table fare), Trophy Speckled Trout, Redfish, and Bull Reds.  During this month, we begin to see the movement of sheepshead into their spawning grounds.  Our Galveston Fishing Charters will split time between the back lakes and bayous and the Galveston Jetties.

galveston sheepshead


Galveston Sheepshead are one of our favorite fish to catch, and on my top 3 list for Galveston Bay table fare with a white, flaky fillet that can easily be mistaken for red snapper… yes, red snapper.  A sheepshead puts up a fierce battle on light tackle, and are great fun for kids and adults alike.  February will find us targeting these fish along rock groins and oyster reefs.  Our bait of choice for these awesome fish are live shrimp.

galveston drum run

Along with the sheepshead, we will bring our larger rigs for the fierce line stretching Bull Black Drum.  These giants will begin their spawning patterns in February and March here in Galveston.  Black drum are believed to be able to live up to 60 years. The larger drum are ‘catch and release’ only, while the smaller “Puppy Drum” make good table fare.  We will be using mostly cracked blue crab fished on bottom for theGalveston Spring Black Drum Run, and the smaller puppy drum will usually fall prey to live shrimp.


Spring Break will be here before you know it as well, and Galveston Fishing needs to be on everyones “to do” list during this time!  Give us a call to get in on some solid Galveston Winter Fishing or to book your Spring Break adventure in Galveston. Check out this video from one of our previous Galveston Spring Break fishing Charters.


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