What You should know before using a Booking Company for Your Fishing Charter

The internet has drastically changed our society in the way we communicate, get our news, date, shop, socialize and learn.  Our youth has relied so heavily on cell phones and internet that without it… I am not sure what exactly may happen.  With the many one click “buy now” options out there… booking your next fishing charter should not be one of them.  Let me explain what you may or may not already know.

Each day it seems there are more and more “fishing guides” popping up along the Coast.  There are many great guides that have fished their entire lives and are very knowledgeable, extremely skilled in their craft, safety is their priority, and ensuring your day on the water is the best possible.  Also, in the grand scheme of things there are individuals that think making a living while fishing is a dream come true.  Make no mistake, there are even more of those that feel making extra income so they can pay their boat note is a great idea.  Close to home for us are also contractors that come to the upper Texas coast after a hurricane to capitalize on the destruction and make some quick cash only to realize this is a great place to be… why not get a boat and be a fishing guide.  Not being familiar with the waters, not even having a basic knowledge for saltwater fishing, and learning as they go…as crazy as that may seem… it is a fact.

Booking Companies and Things You Should Know

I think it may have started with hotels.  Type in your destination of choice, and hotels along with their prices pop up immediately.  Pick your best price.  Pick the luxury level.  Click a button.  Enter credit card information.  Done.

Did we ever think that something as personal as trusting someone to carry our families, friends or clients on a personal fishing trip could be done with a click of button?  Pick your destination for your next fishing trip, and a list of charters pop up with pricing to compare.  What exactly is happening?  Here are the facts.  The greatest factor for who will be on the top of the “booking company” list is which charter will give the largest percentage of the price of the trip to the booking company itself.  I have seen charter companies give 30% of their pay to the booking company.  Likely, some may be paying even more.  Also, who is the cheapest will stand out.  With no communication between the Captain and the Client – before the client can speak with the Captain or a representative of the Charter, money is exchanged – this is the “deposit”, and that money goes straight to the booking company.  When using this type of source for your fishing charter, not only are you choosing your trip before you have the option to communicate with the actual Captain, but the money that should go to the charter is now going to someone sitting behind a computer running Google Ads so you click on their site.  The charter company running trips using this type of booking system is not able to use that money to maintain their boat, have the best and up to date fishing equipment for their clients, fuel to make sure your trip isn’t limited to a certain area, and many more factors to run a fishing charter.  Something is being sacrificed to put money in the booking company’s pocket.

When you book a Galveston Fishing Charter with us, you call the number on our website – and it is Captain Greg Verm’s cell phone.  If he is on a deep-sea trip, and out of range – either his wife, Stacie, his son Captain Greg Jr or Captain Greg’s Mom will answer the call.  You have the ability to ask questions, get to know where the trip will be, details of the trip, the expected weather and type of fish to catch for the time of year you may planning your trip, and any other questions or concerns you may have.  A few of the questions we may ask are “Will there be children and how old are they?”  “any special needs?”  if there are elderly “how elderly, and what physical condition they may be in?” “what kind of skill level are the anglers?” and many more.

Booking a fishing charter is far from booking a hotel room.  Be diligent about who your trust to navigate your family in the bays or Gulf of Mexico.  Get to know your Captain.  Ask questions.  Fortunately for us, we have built great relationships with many fishing clients.  Our business is built on referrals and repeat customers.  Paying 10% – 30% of the cost of a trip to a booking agency is not what we are willing or even able to do, and still provide a great charter trip for you.  That money is better spent on maintaining boats, top of the line tackle and equipment, and Captains that are family friendly, safe, and trustworthy to guarantee a fun day fishing.

Before you book your first or next fishing charter – do some research.  Feel free to call us at 409-739-8526 or email Captain Greg at greg@fishinggalvestontx.com

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