Shark Fishing Guide In Galveston

Fishing Galveston Tx Fishing Charters is one of the top Shark Fishing Guides in Galveston Texas.  The warmer summer months are generally the most productive months for our Galvesotn Shark Fishing Trips.  We prepare year round for these Shark Trips by keeping any left over bait, bait fish, and may of the fish carcasses left over from our fishing charter trips.  We take these left overs and freeze them.  We will then grind all of it up adding fish oils to the mix.  We will thenadd water and freeze our “Shark Chum” once more in containers and store for our Galveston Shark Fishing Charter which usually are ran mostly during the summer months – June thru September.

The Shark Chum is a key ingrediant to the great success rate we experience on our Guided Galveston Shark Trips.  Once we get to the shark fishing grounds, we will either anchor up or drift.  We then put our chum bags overboard (tied off to the boat) and the chum remains will call up the Big Galveston Sharks.  We have actually had sharks circling our boats from being lured in from our secret Shark Chum.  Having at least four rods rigged up and fishing is a sure way to get the one on one extreme battle of one of these awesome Galveston Sharks.  One thing about our Galveston Shark Charters – it is not for the faint of heart !  110% pure saltwater adrenaline!

Pick a date, book your trip, & experience one of the most exciting Galveston Fishing Charters on the Island!

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