Shark Fishing in Galveston

One of our most popular Summer Time Galveston Fishing Charters is hunting for the Giant Texas Sharks !  We load up the boat with Extreme Big Game Tackle, plenty of chum that we keep on hand from our previous trip’s bycatch, leftover bait that has been frozez from earlier trips. We will lure these fierce predators in for you to battle!  We leave the dock by sunup in search of these fierce man eating beasts!  Once we arrive to the shark waters, we will chum the waters and lure in these great BIG Fish.  It is not uncommon to have multiple sharks circling the boat looking for a meal!  Yes, these trips are not for the weak of heart… Our Galveston Shark Fishing Charters are for the true sportsman looking to hook the fish of a lifetime!  Book your Galveston Shark Fishing Trip with us today!

There is nothing like the sound of a calm, quiet morning to be interupted by the screaming clicker of our large Big Game Reels!  I have had customers that have never heard the sound before in their life…. but once on our boat, and hear that adrenaline rush clicker scream… not knowing what is on the other end  – is a sound that is second to none!  Get ready!  The Fight is ON!  Galveston Shark Fishing is a sport that is 100 & 10% pure saltwater adrenaline!  Let us take you out into the near shores of the Gulf of Mexico, and the surf hunting for these Heavy Hitters!  With the experience, tackle and expertise to get you Hooked Up with a Giant Galveston Texas Shark!

Give us a Call To Book Your Galveston Shark Fishing Adventure !  409-739-8526

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