Stuffed Flounder Recipes

On a number of my Flounder Gigging Charters, I am asked the question “what is the best way to cook a flounder?”  Well, thru the years of eating flounder – from my Mom’s best recipe to my latest inventions – I have come up with a number of great ideas.

The way my Mom cooked our fresh caught flounder was pretty simple and extremely delicious.  She would take the flounder and cut slices into the top half.  She would then, rub butter on the bottom and topside of the flounder.  She would cut up onion, fresh garlic, bell peppers, and fresh tomatoes and lay on top of the flounder.  Place the flounder in a cake pan, then pour a can of tomatoe sauce on top, squeeze fresh lemon juice on top, season with salt and peper and cover.  Place in oven on 425 degrees, cook until done.  Simple, quick and oooooohhh so delicious!

A quick and easy way I stuff my flounder is I “butterfly” the fish.  This is where I slice the flounder open on the top side, right down the back bone, and fillet the meat from the bone – opening the topside up for the stuffing of choice.  I have found my kids favorite is to take pre-made crab cakes (frozen food dept WalMart) and stuff the flounder with this.  It is extremely easy and fast.  After stuffing the flounder, I season the topside with salt, pepper, garlic, butter, and fresh squeezed lemon/lime.  Place in oven on 425 degrees, cook until done (time depends on thickness of fish).

There are many great ways to cook a flounder.  These are a couple of my favovite.

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