Del Turner

“BEST DAY EVER, we were
fishing with Captain Greg Verm on an am departure August 13th.  Started at
the Jetties and moved to a few other places.. some may be secret so I’ll keep
quiet.    All the guys had fun and it was a true kid friendly
experience.   Our party consisted of four kids (ages from 8-19) and
two adults.  We had plenty of room onboard, thriving stocked live bait
well and plenty of tackle.

I have been fishing for sixty years and for me this was the best
trip for sure because I had all my grandsons.  Action was hot too.
The last hook up was big and Capt. Greg pulled the anchor without saying a
word, maneuvered the boat, and we chased for about 20 minutes before landing a
monster that we were hoping was a Bull Red.  What a day, perfect!
-Del Turner