Tom, Gwen, Lindsay Messner

WOW!!! We had a great time! We got on the fish early and stayed on them. Capt. Greg, and his son Gregory were a very hard working crew. Believe me they we busy during the whole morning we spent out fishing. We got onto speckled trout, sand trout, whiting and flounder. Capt Greg had a bit of an adventure when my daughter Lindsay caught a big speckled trout. Capt Greg got a treble hook in his left knuckle of his middle finger. That thing was buried. Greg contacted the fish camp where we put in and the owner told him to come in, he could get it out. sure enough, he did, and Capt Greg got on board his boat and we were out catching fish again. My family had a really fine time with Greg and his son, caught fish, and enjoyed a beautiful day on the water. We will be taking more trips with Capt Greg. I want to encourage anyone who wants to go fishing with a guide, to consider a trip with his charter. He does obey all laws and regulations, and is a fine teacher. Thanks Capt Greg and Gregory!

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