What to Look for in a Fishing Guide in Galveston

One Galveston Fishing Guide is Just Like Another – Right?

Your dream of a fishing adventure is about to come true. You’ve read enough about fishing that you could almost write your own book. You’ve researched fishing locations around the country and decided that Galveston Tx is the place to go. You’ve saved enough to book a fishing charter, but there are so many choices. They all fish the same Galveston waters. They must all be pretty much alike – Right?

Well, my friend, you are so wrong! The success or failure of your fishing trip depends totally upon the Galveston fishing guide you choose, so be diligent in making that choice.

What to Ask When Deciding on a Galveston Fishing Guide

Before deciding on a Galveston fishing guide, do a little research. Most charter fishing guide services have websites. Check them out – especially the testimonials page. Other good sources of information are the Galveston Chamber of Commerce and Fishing Guide Associations. Talk to friends and family members who are seasoned anglers about their experiences to get an idea of what to look for in a fishing guide.  Make a call to several Galveston fishing guides and ask plenty of questions. Questions should include the obvious, like what kind of fishing license is required, what is included in the charter price, the type of boat you’ll be out on, what kind of gear is provided or if you can bring your own, and how experienced you need be to enjoy the charter. In addition, you should make a list of less obvious information that is also important for the safety and enjoyment of all aboard. Questions, like the type of insurance the fishing guide service carries, if alcohol is permitted aboard, where you’ll be fishing and if the fishing guide is willing to try several locations if one is unsuccessful, how long you’ll be out, what the fishing guide service cancellation policy, whether the charter will be private or will include several bookings, and if lifejackets are available for everyone on board, should all be answered to your satisfaction before you book. Pay close attention to the way these questions are answered. A top-notch Galveston fishing guide should be happy to provide information and answer questions. If you feel a sense of impatience or dismissal, hang up or leave and look elsewhere.


Be aware that fishing guides are just like others who work for a living – some do what they love and love to share the excitement while others are working simply for the paycheck. The passion is immediately evident when the fishing guide is truly dedicated. Questions are not only answered they are encouraged. Tales of fishing successes and failures are shared. Teaching the ways of fish and the art of fishing to an amateur is done with patience and encouragement. Helping a child land his first catch is a time for celebration.

A fishing guide like this is what you should be looking for and Galveston is home to just such a charter captain. Captain Greg Verm, a lifelong Galvestonian, began his love affair with fishing at the tender age of 2 aboard his parents’ boat. Now, as a seasoned Galveston
fishing guide
, Capt. Greg happily shares his passion for fishing with his clients at Fishing Galveston Tx. Capt. Greg is licensed with the US Coast Guard and Texas Parks and Wildlife. His intimate knowledge of Galveston Bay and its back waters and marshes gives him unfailing insight into where the fish are, and his exceptional communication skills will broaden your appreciation of the art of fishing.

Contact Capt. Greg at Fishing Galveston Tx to book your fishing adventure.

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